Congress Chair

Prof. Rifaat Safadi M.D.                            
Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Keren, Jerusalem, Israel       

Prof. Rifaat Safadi is a Full Professor in Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Faculty of Medicine, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem and a Visiting Scholar at the Division of Liver Diseases, Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NY. He is treasurer of the Israeli Society of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases (2020-2023) and Chairman of The Israel Association for the Study of the Liver (2013-2016). A leading member of several international Liver association committees such as European Association for the Study of Liver (EASL, scientific committee and governing board 2007-2010), American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD, International Relations Advisory Committee 2010-2012). He is the Director of Liver Institute, Division of Medicine, Hadassah, Ein-Karem. Additionally, Director of Liver Unit & Clinical Research Center (since 1998), Holy Family Hospital, Nazareth, Israel. Prof. Safadi had his residency in Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology at Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem. His clinical focus is in Fatty Liver Disease, viral hepatitis, Cirrhosis complications and liver cancer, immune diseases of the liver, liver transplantation and inflammatory bowel diseases. With his laboratory team, the interplay research between lymphocyte subsets and hepatic fibrogenesis uncovered novel pathways and challenges. Recently focused on new immune metabolic NK Checkpoints and therapeutic targets, with patents and drug developments. He received many awards and research grants and published more than 210 manuscripts in highly rated professional journals within the clinical and basic research liver fields. He is a reviewer and a member for editorial boards of several academic journals.